1. Great minds think alike! We both wrote about yoga this week. Your insight is great and made me laugh because I feel exactly the same way whenever I go to a new yoga class after some time away. I also try to figure out who looks like they have been there before to see what props I should get before class.

  2. Oh I need a foam block. Just returned to yoga this morning after over a year. Same teacher but new location that had a concrete flour, ouch my poor knees.

  3. I think it’s awesome that you’re trying yoga! I know the feeling. Even after doing it for a while, I’ll go to a new class, and the teacher will mention some pose everyone is supposed to know, and I feel pretty dumb.
    But I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it! I’ll be curious to know what you think with more practice.

    • I love it so far Joyce! Glad it’s not just me wondering about the poses – hopefully will pick them up in time! Assume you are enjoying/noticing the benefits since you continue to attend classes which is very encouraging. xo

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