1. Tatjana

    Hey Anna, hope you are well! I am trying to plan a city break in Spain and I know the food will probably difficult there as their fatty/greasy food upsets my stomach greatly (hoping I can eat some plain grilled seafood there 🙏🏻🙏🏻) so I was wondering what’s the best way to search for public/accessible toilets before going abroad? Any ideas/tips would be greatly appreciated!!🙏🏻 X

    • Hi Tatjana, lovely to hear from you! Sounds great. I’m sure you’ll find some delicious grilled fish (just make sure there’s no added garlic!) It’s funny you mention toilets as I’m off on a trip soon and have just downloaded an app called ‘Flush’ which locates nearby toilets. I haven’t tried it out properly yet but it looks pretty good. Technology, eh! I’ll let you know how I get on with it… Otherwise, I would honestly just ask the hotel/place of accommodation to mark them up on a map or ask at Tourist Information. And if all else fails, there’s always cafes/restaurants to pop into. When are you off?! xo

      • Tatjana

        Hey hun, yes nice to chat with you too, sorry, I have been off social media for over 2 months now (part of my goal to have a more balanced life!) so only just learnt that you have been through a bit of hell in December – sorry to hear that!! hope you are doing well now!

        I hope I can find some places in Barcelona where food is not drenched in oil (my biggest fear and tigger (fat and grease) – bigger than having a bit of garlic in the food tbh) and I can have some plain food/plainly grilled fish or prawns..otherwise I will choose to go to Lisbon instead perhaps and follow your guide hehe thanks for the tip about the app I will check it out! I have not traveled much tbh in 2.5 years since all the beauty of IBS have started so I am slightly terrified as travelling affects your usual toilet habits :/ I am thinking of going on 21st April with my dad, just a short weekend break!

        What websites/ways do you usually use to research food places before you go away?

        Where are you off to?xx

        • Thank you – doing well thanks. Glad to have the diagnosis – makes sense looking back. Now it’s a case of managing along with IBS.

          Completely understand coming off social media – important to step away from digital and into reality! Hope you’re finding more balance 🙂

          Yes – plain grilled fish sounds a good idea! Can understand your apprehension about going away, it sucks – but it’ll be great to try and break that cycle so you can hopefully feel happier/more comfortable about going away more in the future.

          I don’t have specific websites I go to – I generally ‘Google it’ – along the lines of ‘gluten free restaurants/places to eat in…’ – while I am not coeliac, I find it the best way to ‘balance out’ the FODMAPs. Moderation tends to be key with me. But of course everyone’s different.

          I’m off to Toronto and New York!! Never visited that way of the world – looking forward to it! I’ve been looking ahead to places to eat and planning what snacks to take (priorities!)

          Hope you have a wonderful weekend away xo

          • Tatjana

            Glad to hear you are on the mend girl! It’s not easy to manage anything on top of quite consuming IBS so sounds like you are doing a good job!:)

            Yeah I am really hoping to break that “vicious circle” that stops me from travelling as it’s so paralysing at the moment grr!

            Ooh, NYC and Toronto sounds exciting! I have never been that side of the world so do let us know how it goes over there food wise!:)

            My issue is more heavy, rich food (and onion and fruit with stone etc) rather than gluten (I eat wheat products for a while now – just try not to eat too much in one day and opt for sourdough/freshly baked bread where possible as it seems to be digested better in that case) but I read somewhere that looking for GF eating places is a good idea as it is then more likely that will be able to cater to other dietary requirements/be more accommodating 🙂 🙏🏻

            I will try and report back on my trip to Barcelona and see if I can recommend good places to eat at for the fellow Fodmappers 🙂

            Have fun across the pond 😀


  2. Yes Anna!! I feel the exact same as you. On a plane, I like to know exactly where I am in relation to loos, I pack snacks and I always check where we’re going for the loo situation. Great tips. Jojo

  3. Carla

    I struggled with IBS for twenty years, so I can relate. I finally found products that helped me after trying so many things. I found changing my eating habits helped to a point, but never completely. If you’re interested in hearing what I use, let me know. I have a passion to help others get healthy!

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