1. I love that you connected with Ayurveda. I’m Pitta Vata too! I can tell when that gets out of balance. I eat with the seasons to support the divide – raw in the spring/summer, cooked in the winter/spring. Vata requires me to put focus on getting grounded in my body by getting outside, meditating, coloring, etc.

    Take it a step at a time. It takes time to heal, but balance is possible. I agree that getting off the pill will help. It depletes your digestive fire.

    I love Claudia Welch’s book. I also love John Douillard. His book The four seasons diet is a great one. Best of luck on your healing journey! Much love.

    • Hi Aubree, what a coincidence that you’re Pitta Vata too!

      Thanks for those tips – I’ve taken note. Really interesting point about eating with the seasons… and as you say, getting outside is so important. I’ve increased the frequency of yoga more recently – little and often…definitely notice the difference, even if I’m having a bad day with symptoms – know it’s doing me good!

      Another book to add to the reading lists, thanks for that. The more I read/learn, the more fascinated I become.

      Really appreciate your message and want to say ‘thank you’ for sharing your story. Your book is wonderful and has really helped increase my understanding of the effects on the body. So pleased you’ve found your balance – inspirational lady 🙂 xo

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