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If you’re looking for FODMAP Journey, you’re in the right place!

I set-up my original blog ‘FODMAP Journey’ in April 2014 after being diagnosed with IBS. I wanted to share my experiences of the low-FODMAP diet – a diet that was receiving growing attention, working wonders for those with IBS. I had my fingers, toes, (and everything else crossed!), that the diet would reduce the symptoms I was experiencing…and reduce them it did (I’m thankful to say!).

Months on, despite my stomach being so much happier, I realised that your mind has to be happy too, otherwise, no matter how much you adapt your diet, your gut is still going to suffer – really is a vicious cycle! So, I’ve explored a range of other IBS management techniques since then, focusing on the mind AND body. My belief? IBS management is all about keeping your body balanced, achieved through a combination of: eating wellbeing mindful, and staying active.

So ‘FODMAP Journey’ transitioned into ‘all about the balance’.

In the meantime, I was experiencing other symptoms – some which were very similar to IBS, others I wasn’t so sure about (this blurring of symptoms certainly didn’t help with investigations!) With the continuation of these symptoms, no clear explanation, and to cut a long story short, I was eventually referred to a gynaecologist who performed a laparoscopy in December 2016. This revealed some endometriosis and with it came a new journey of discovery.

The key things I’ve learnt through my experiences?

  • You never stop learning about yourself
  • Every experience is individual and there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to management/treatment – it’s about finding what works for you
  • The body should be viewed as a whole entity – mind AND body
  • You have to be your own body’s detective – if something doesn’t feel right, you have to take charge (this comes from numerous occasions of being dismissed at doctors appointments)
  • You are not your condition, but it is part of who you are and you should be proud of your achievements and never compare yourself to others!

Well, that’s enough blabbing from me. I hope you enjoy reading as I blog all things ‘balance’ and please feel free to get in touch for a chat or to collaborate. Hopefully together we can help to raise awareness.

Anna xo

Anna Lewin - all about the balance